Happy Summer Holidays

Hello students!

This is the last post of the academic year and I’d like to thank you for being so so nice! We spent a wonderful year and I really enjoyed teaching you. It was a pleasure! You have been very hard working and now it’s time to have a break, so have a great summer holidays and see you next year.

I couldn’t finish this post without congratulating to all the NB2 students, who successfully passed the certification exams. You did it very well and so you deserve it!

See you soon!



A1 and A2 level speaking test

Are you ready for the speaking exams? Do you want to know if you are on the right track? And would you like to know how the exams will be like? If your answers are YES, continue reading.

Below you will find some videos exemplifying the corresponding levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. In short, A1 corresponds to Basic English Level 1 and A2 corresponds to Basic English Level 2.

Click here if you are an A1 (Basic 1) student, and here or here if you are an A2 (Basic 2) student. When clicking, a message can appear saying that you need to install or use a plugin. Click “yes”, it is completely sure. If you have problems, try using Internet Explorer.

After having watched the videos, you can read the comments the teachers made on their levels. You can also watch more videos on any other levels and any other language, if you want.

Keep going, you are doing it very well!

I’m working…(Present Continuous)

Hey! What are you doing out there? Are you reading this post? Yes, you are! And that’s because you want to download the Power Point Presentation we saw in class.

Click on the link to download the present continuous presentation onto your computer. Remember: the present continuous for future arrangements is given in NB2. But if you prefer to have a present continuous grammar study, that’s your link. You can also meet The Happy Verby Gang. They are fantastic!

Do you want to practise? Click here. You can also click here and here if you want to revise the object pronouns.

Happy practice!

(PPP from The Busy Teacher)

Good, better and the best!

Hello class!

Here you can download the Power Point Presentation about comparatives-superlatives I used in class and if you click on the link, you’ll find an explanation about superlative and other comparative forms.

Fancy doing online activities? Click here. What about watching some videos? Go here then!


(Image from Pdfcast and activities from Busy Teacher)

Happy weekend!

It’s the weekend and there is no better way to celebrate it than with music. So here is a suggestion by Teresa Sosa, from NB2 in Gran Tarajal: I Should Have Known Better, by The Beatles. Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do.

You can get the lyrics here.

Also, last Wednesday in Morro, we were talking about telling stories and the differents accents that are in the UK and above all, accents from Scotland, and this TED Conference came up to my mind. The speaker is Jamie Keddie, a fantastic and creative teacher, teacher trainer, presenter, innovator… and his speech is about videotelling. Interested? Watch the video then!

Have a wonderful weekend! 😉

Practice makes perfect III

As we have a long weekend and won’t have class until next Wednesday, I’m leaving some activities for both levels.

First, for Basic English 1. To review the Past Simple Tense of the verb “to be“, watch the video below from the Real English series and after that, click here.

What about you? Were you good at school? I was!

Next, to revise the Past Simple Tense of other verbs, do this activity here. Dina did 7 things yesterday. What were they?

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